'The Lamorna Pottery' was first started by Ella Naper and Kate Westrup and operated in the 1920s.  In 1947 Christopher (Jimmy) Ludlow and Derek Wilshaw began  production of Lamorna Pottery on it's current site, an old milk factory.  They were assisted by Bernard Leach and Ella Naper (who gave them her potter's wheel).

In the 1970s the pottery was developed by Peter and Shirley Brown who added the Café and developed the blue and brown pottery we still produce.  In the 1990s Osmond Rego opened the Bed and Breakfast and brought a Caribbean flavour to the café.

The current owners Jeremy and Munir, have brought the pottery production back to the main building and offer Pottery Experience sessions so that customers can produce their own artworks.  Munir has added Bangladeshi Curries to the menu as well as his own home-made Soups and Bread.  We continue to offer a wide selection of home-made cakes and our famous award winning Cream Teas!


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